Unique Training equipment for shoulder, back, and upper core

PlyoDyne®: for top sport, fitness, medical professionals & people with physical disorders.

Step into the future with iQQuip®

A unique world of shoulder and upper core treatment and training.



Born from a question within top sport the plyometric concept emerged. How to train and exercise shoulders and core in a controlled, reproducible and functional way?



Translate human motion into a new training method by using 7 characteristics, resulting in the ultimate fusion of power and speed.



Give shape to great ideas and transform them into astonishing quality and high precision equipment. Realizing equipment with quality far above market standards.

Plyometrical uniqueness

The plyometric concept is based on 7 characteristics and balanced strength development under sub- and maximal stretch of muscles.
With a focus on propriocepsis (the sense of self-movement and body position) enhancement and ultimate fusion of power and speed.

Reasons to use

Physical disorders

  • PlyoDyne® offers the possibility to improve many physical discomforts by means of man’s own movement.
  • Easy-to-learn movement patterns move all tissues.
  • Setting accents of the 7 training characteristics leads to targeted effects.
  • Can be used safely for almost all ages.

Medical Professionals

  • PlyoDyne® offers a tool for treatment of medical disorders and individual patient focus.
  • Eccentric and concentric aspects enhance the balance between the ventral and dorsal forces in the shoulder joint, in full functional patterns.
  • Pre- and post-operative applications.
  • Micro steps of 25g to accommodate vulnerable people.


  • PlyoDyne® offers a new horizon in functional training.
  • Slow and fast movements, and their combinations, will trigger new movement sequences and systems in the human body.
  • As warming-up, cooling-down and arousal awakeness supporting other training programs.
  • PlyoDyne® offers you the best fitness on smallest space ever!


  • PlyoDyne® leads to the highest achievable level of shoulder and upper core training.
  • Employable for top athletes of both team and individual sports.
  • Maximum and supramaximal training sets new goals that could not be reached before.

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