Medical Professionals

  • PlyoDyne® provides a tool for the treatment of medical conditions with an individual patient focus.
  • Eccentric and concentric aspects strengthen the balance of the ventral and dorsal forces, such as the shoulder joint, in complete functional patterns.
  • Pre- and postoperative applications.


  • PlyoDyne® offers a new horizon in functional training. Slow and fast movements, and their combinations, will lead to new movement cycles and systems in the human body.
  • HIIT training Targeted development of, for example, hypertrophy.
  • As a warming-up, cooling-down, and activation system to support other training programs.

Top Sports

  • PlyoDyne® leads to the highest possible level of shoulder, back, and upper core training.
  • Performance-boosting strength and speed training, even plyometric training.
  • Extended dynamic reach.
  • It can be used for top athletes in both team and individual sports.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic-specific exercises and combinations.
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