About iQQuip®

Beautiful in its simplicity

Born from a brilliant idea we introduced a simply awesome innovation; a true and unprecedented revolution in sport science and human biomechanics targeting shoulder and upper core dynamics. And with-it, introducing plyometric uniqueness: the ultimate fusion of power and speed.

Moofit B.V., with our headquarter based in the Netherlands, offers under the iQQuip® brand a one-of-a-kind premium range of equipment named PlyoDyne® and offers a sensational improvement of upper core and shoulder dynamical and above all functional performance.

A glance at our customer base: medical rehabilitation centres; pre- as well as post-operative, healthcare institutions, health insurance companies, organizations for and individuals with neurological, orthopedic, and rheumatic disorders, individual athletes and professional sports organizations and federations, professional-, corporate-, hotel-fitness and physiotherapy.

It is our goal to offer our customers a healthier life and guarantee amazing results with a single piece of equipment targeting 7 characteristics: balance, coordination, elasticity, stability, power, speed, and endurance. Our unique equipment is developed and produced using only highest material standards available and state-of-the-art production methods to ensure full customer satisfaction and sense of quality.

iQQuip’s® journey

Moofit B.V. is founded in November 2021 by 2 entrepreneurs with a track record in precision machining technology and international sales & industrial management.

iQQuip® focusses on:

  • newly developed plyometric technology;
  • patented technology;
  • shoulder, back and upper core;
  • medical rehabilitation & professional physical plyometric training equipment.

March 2014

Eureka moment initiated from within Olympic top sport.

June 2015

Research and development followed by detailed design.

June 2017

Multiple test units, in different configurations, are employed in functional and performance tests in daily training exercise being part of actual physiotherapy treatment.

September 2019

Patent application.

August 2020

Strategic alliance with Haak Group B.V.

September 2021

European patent awarded.

November 2021

Founding of Moofit B.V.

Delivery of the first 3 PlyoDyne®PROONE of the 2nd generation.

June 2022

Introduction of the light version of the PlyoDyne®PRO-series for treatment of patients requiring further rehabilitation after the acute treatment phase of their disease or surgery.

New developments are introduced in 2022

The board

Mark Driessen
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Founder & owner.

A seasoned senior business executive with over 20 years of experience in international and strategic marketing & sales, organizational leadership, management, and business development. Master of Science in Industrial Management (University of Hertfordshire, UK) and Mechanical Engineer (HAN, NL).

Core philosophy: just 4 words; analyse, think, act and results.

Freddy Haak
CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Founder & owner.

Internationally appreciated professional also leading the Haak Group BV in Gorredijk the Netherlands. Experienced in CNC-manufacturing of high-end machined parts that are combined, using state-of-the art techniques, into a complete high-quality product.
His strength lies in the ability to combine various specialisms like engineering, machining, sheet metal work, welding & construction, and assembly into a complete package.

Core philosophy: No-nonsense approach to deliver on time and as promised.

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