Equipment training

Equipment training

The standard
Delivering equipment with exceptional quality and applied functionality is the standard at iQQuip®.
Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

But there is more
To be successful with the purchased equipment, it is essential to know and control the full potential of the PlyoDyne®.

We are happy to provide equipment-based training for professionals who will work with our equipment, regardless of the sector in which they work.

Full potential
With the support of iQQuip®, you enable your team to use the full potential of PlyoDyne®, to provide your patients, and customers with the best care and service, and to achieve your professional goals.


Training courses are delivered by recognized, fact-based practice trainers. In addition to offering equipment-oriented training, our instructors are excellent knowledgeable partners to answer medical questions and provide content about your newly purchased PlyoDyne® equipment.

We would like to invite you to discuss how we, as iQQuip®, can contribute to your success through in-depth equipment-focused training.


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