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PlyoDyne® PRO TRIPOD is designed for commercial use and allows for 3 users to work out simultaneously. Its required operation space of 5,25m² provides excellent results in regard to investment and operational costs. All peripherals like weights are stored on the equipment at 3 convenient locations easily accessible by each user. The equipment delivery includes 3 exercise shafts, 3 handles and 3 full sets of weights, 3 safety rings and 3 sets of support handles. Both, safety ring and support handle arrangement are available for each individual user and are freely adjustable in height to accommodate differences in human bodies. Recommend setup is one ∅20mm exercise shaft for warming up and speed focussed exercises, one ∅25mm exercise shaft for plyometric and power training, and a ∅30mm exercise shaft for pure power training.

Including 3 sets of 4 paires of training gloves (S,M,L,XL).

Perform better within 3 months, 3 times a week, 15 minutes per day

PlyoMATRIX® allows for training of the 7 individual training characteristics that can be combined in individual targeted training schedules and goals.

First your body will rediscover its 3D static and dynamic balance when training using a simple stable functional basis with two feet in a closed chain position.

The dynamic movement and proprioception enhance your full 3D coordination: the sense of the relative position of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. This is sometimes referred to as the “sixth sense” and can best be described as muscle chains being in constant flow with perfect timing, and so-called power-drifting, and again a true functional motion.

Increasing mobility and flexibility of all tissues including facies sliding in functional muscle chains. The parts in chains with least flexibility are first stretched, and above all the right stretch of passive and active tissue occurs in cooperative function.

The sequence and manner of movements result in an increase of functional central core stability in caudally closed chain. This again leads to cooperating shoulder and arm core stability and simultaneously to a correct transfer of active muscle structures that goes along with a regulated support of passive joint structures and weak tissue. In addition, a special effect area is created with a closed-eyes training increasing the proprioception and neuromuscular facilitation in additional function.

Subject of this training dimension are eccentric and concentric aspects. The extreme level of power needed to convert from an eccentric to a concentric motion, passing through the critical but with the equipment trainable zero force moment, fortifies the ventral strength of the shoulder joint, in full functional patterns. Pure power training is feasible in slow power mode.

Controlling acceleration and deceleration of your movement allows for a super slow velocity training mode. Here you can reach highest levels of fine-tuned forced fast power training. With a clear focus on muscle and weak tissue functional training, especially related to white muscle fibers you protect weak tissues and facies structures.

The latter attribute is the combination of the above-mentioned freely selected adaptable characteristics and speaks for itself. The combination lead to a controlled and reproducible overall effect of a perfectly tuned fusion of power and speed training. There are no limits in defining anaerobe and aerobe results. PlyoMATRIX™ offers a highway to success and delivers a security of outcome.

What to expect from the PlyoDyne® TRIPOD

The presence of 3 freely selectable exercise shafts (our recommendation: ∅20, ∅25 and ∅30mm) allows for full functional training of speed and power by 3 users simultaneously. The presence of the ∅30mm exercise shaft, with the highest inertia, allows for extreme training on the highest professional training levels in sports.

Commercial use

The PlyoDyne® PRO TRIPOD requires only 5,22m2 exercise area.
Basic commercial and business calculation involving data like capital investment, amortization period, equipment availability, cost of a m2 training area per month, required exercise area and walk-around space (1m), and 3 simultaneous users allows you to calculate operating cost and revenue per day. Analyzing equipment available on the market like treadmills, plate loaded leg presses, and cross fit rigs in comparison to the PlyoDyne® PRO TRIPOD will provide you with solid data on ROI/ROCE.
The outcome, based on available data, the PlyoDyne® PRO TRIPOD ROIINDEX is 12,2%.

Weight set

Weight set consisting of 1x25g, 1x50g, 4x100g, 1×0,5kg, and 4x1kg.

Simultaneous users

3 Simultaneous users.

Maintenance free

All materials have been carefully selected and tested and should, if properly handled, not fail. The equipment is maintenance free, no lubrication required.


The ergonomic grip has been developed to absorb pressure on the hand while exercising. The material is carefully selected silicone that has excellent hygiene, cleaning and wear & tear resistant properties. It has a rough and soft to the touch surface that prevents the handle from sliding out of your hand during exercising.


A unique and patented technology enables you to change weights by a 2-step motion sequence. First slide the weight along the weight axle to the slot (2A) position. Then the weight can be removed or installed by moving the weight via the special slot (2A) in a perpendicular movement relative to the axle.


One side open perfectly machined marvels: the weights.


In order to secure the weights to their position on the axle, the weight clamp is lowered onto the weight(s) and locked. And put in the position above the slot, and locked here, to be able to change weights.


Plyometrical Uniqueness has been engineered and designed into an esthetic, almost art-like functional handle incorporating industrial grade bearings, and all peripherals needed to exercise to the extreme.

The base

3 fully equipped exercise positions equally divided over 360° degrees are to be found on this grand base, also made of 10mm strong bright blue powder coated steel plates, allowing 3 users to exercise simultaneously. Needless to say, that the 3 mirror-polished stainless-steel ball joints mounted to this base provide a secure platform during exercising. The 2 steel plates are assembled to a single rigged central tube and 3 square adjustable columns through blind mounting. All 4 vertical components are made of brushed stainless steel. On all adjustable columns a safety ring and a support handle arrangement can be freely positioned by means of an easy to operate sliding clamp. By the way, also a clever in-house development. Users can adjust the position of safety ring and support handles to fit requirements on the 3 exercise positions. The safety ring and the support handle are made off mirror polished stainless steel.

1. The ball joint

Made from mirror polished stainless steel this astonishing assembly allows for friction and lubrication free motion of the exercise shaft during training. All parts are made with highest achievable tolerances to guarantee a maintenance free operation for decades.

2. The weight holder

Yet another clever design holding weights not being used. Mounted on each adjustable column, positioned to provide easy access to weights in case of a change and in comfortable reach of the user.

3. The weights

A new idea results in a genial solution: one side open perfectly machined stainless-steel marvels: the weights.
One set consists of the following weights: 1x25g – 1x50g – 4x100g – 1×0,5kg -4x1kg.
The grip allows for easy handling and the shape of opening in the grip is derived from our corporate logo and refers to the speed-force-interaction graph, the center point of our theoretical concept.

4. The base plate

A stable platform for mounting the mirror polished stainless-steel ball joint and all required peripherals and support structures. Made from 10mm strong bright blue powder coated steel plates.

Combines 7 training characteristics in 1 appliance

At your own discretion, a choice can be made based on the 7 training characteristics PlyoMATRIX® will guide through the process providing your training details.


The iQQuip® B.V. team has put great effort in design in combination with latest available production technologies in order to provide highest possible quality and hence reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. All materials have been carefully selected and tested and should, if properly handled, not fail. The equipment is maintenance free, no lubrication required.

If, however a service intervention is required we are committed to solve your service request in a professional and fast manner.