Below you will find an overview of several ambassadors in the Netherlands and abroad.
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Sports Branche

  • Daan van Bree
  • Groningen 🇳🇱
Golf enthousiast

By chance I came across the PlyoDyne®, I am sporty but above all a fanatic. The reason that I was interested in this device was the fact that I had been walking with a chronic shoulder injury for years and all visits to physiotherapy practices have failed me. I am a decent golfer, but this injury has doubled my handicap in recent years.

On delivery, I was told that due to the seriousness of my injury, I had to count on having to spend half a year to see a reasonable recovery. This was right, I have been using the device from March this year (2021), for 8 months and playing my old handicap again (for the first time in 3 years).

I did not train on strength, only on flexibility and speed. Also, I did not follow the advice to train for 15 minutes three times a week, but almost daily for 5-10 minutes in the morning.

This device has completely brought back the joy of golfing for me, and I expect to make quite a jump next year.
  • Duncan McCallum
  • Glasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
PGA golf coach and independent consultant

Being a PGA of America Member and golf coach for over 23 years I have taught close to 6,000 people the great game of golf. Many of my students over the years are US Military folks, Collegiate & Professional Athletes and many other golfers who have minor to severe injuries.

A few months ago (February 2022), I came into contact with iQQuip®, was introduced with the equipment, and I became an immediate enthusiast about the connection with their background that I preach myself among my students already for many years and the quality of the equipment delivered.

The equipment is used in daily operation by myself and my students, and I can honestly say the PlyoDyne® provides the precise movements which will specifically target those areas of your body which will improve your overall physical well-being and addresses golf related performance. The equipment delivers the new training dimensions as I expected and truly opened a new world to me and my students.

This equipment as you will see can and will be beneficial to you as a coach and a student of the golf swing.

Medical Branche

  • Michael Schellekens
  • Kaatsheuvel 🇳🇱

The PlyoDyne® is a versatile shoulder/core device, suitable for all target groups. We use it in both younger and older patients to strengthen the shoulder and improve stability. For example, patients with a rotator cuff rupture can strengthen the entire shoulder cuff using the PlyoDyne®. In addition, the PlyoDyne® is also extremely suitable for patients with a sport-specific complaint (e.g., throwing). Patients are also initiative-taking to work with the PlyoDyne® due to its versatility.

The weight on the grip of the PlyoDyne® is easily adjusted by changing different small and larger weights and are firmly fixed.

The free range of motion allows movement in all directions, which corresponds to the characteristics of a ball (shoulder) joint.

  • Member of the Twente Shoulder Network
  • Enschede 🇳🇱
The PlyoDyne® offers the possibility to exercise the patient with shoulder pain in mobility, coordination, strength, and speed. In a partially closed/open chain, the movements with the PlyoDyne® feel very natural. From controlled with low load, a build-up is possible to an increase in load and maximum speed; even plyometric exercises are possible. Daily movements and sport-specific activities can be recognized in the rehabilitation with the PlyoDyne®.

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