De PlyoDyne® Series

The PlyoDyne® series has been developed to fill a gap in shoulder, back, and core treatment and training and is the answer to a market defined need for a controllable and reproducible method. Among other things, PlyoDyne® can be used in:
  • Shoulder, back, and upper core injuries.
  • Orthopaedic shoulder, back, and upper core instabilities.
  • Neurological shoulder, back, and upper core control deficits.
  • Shoulder, back and central core combination deficits.
  • Shoulder, back and upper core training.
To meet specific requirements of both rehabilitation (M) and sport -oriented (S) training, a PlyoDyne® has been developed for both categories. A free-standing (ONE) and wall-mountable (WALL) models are available for both categories. Further details are described in the individual product pages.
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